Sara Barron for School Board

Equity, excellence, community, and vision


My goals for the school board include:

Invest in a range of programming for students of all abilities. Help every student reach his or her full potential. Make sure that ICCSD graduates leave our schools ready to lead, by staying aware of the changing needs of America’s workforce and by providing 21st-century educational opportunities and technology.

Maintain a focus on the health and well-being of students and staff, including nutritious school breakfasts and lunches; mental and physical health resources; strong physical education, outdoor recreation, and sporting opportunities; and clean, comfortable, well-maintained facilities.

Create policies that work in tandem with the Diversity Policy to boost student achievement for lower-income students and students of color who as groups are falling far below the district average on standardized tests.

Engage parents, teachers and staff, and community members in thoughtful, accessible ways and listen to people familiar with school-based issues when creating new policies and practices.

Provide facilities and programs that invest in smart community development. Spend our money wisely, and create partnerships with outside entities who share our goals.

Follow through on a long-range facilities plan that will correct overcrowding and create equitable learning environments for all students.

The four principles: Equity, Excellence, Community, Vision

EQUITY     Every student in the Iowa City Community School District should have equal access to high-quality education and resources.

As a steward of public education, Sara will work to ensure that every student in the district has equal access to the outstanding learning opportunities we provide. Sara will advocate for programs and curricula that are responsive to individual academic needs and respectful of all cultural, economic, social, and racial backgrounds. Sara believes that every student in the district has something to contribute to its overall diversity.

EXCELLENCE     A wide range of innovative programs will ensure that ICCSD students are ready to lead.

Sara understands that our schools must invest in a range of programming for students of all abilities. She’ll see to it that we offer 21st-century educational opportunities and technology district-wide. Sara will also maintain a focus on the health and well-being of students and staff.

COMMUNITY     The ICCSD can help to build strong families, neighborhoods, and community.

Sara supports neighborhood schools and partnerships that benefit both the schools and the broader community. Sara believes that facility and program decisions need to be evaluated for their impact on community development, particularly in more vulnerable areas.

VISION     Let’s listen to each other, work together, and move forward as one district.

As a board member, Sara will be an engaged listener and learner, seeking opinions and perspectives from people throughout the district. Where disagreements or conflicting needs arise, Sara will balance the desires of the community with the advancement of the district as a whole. With leaders like Sara who are creative, thoughtful, respectful, and future-thinking, we can take decisive—not divisive—action.

2 thoughts on “Positions

  1. Sarah, I agree with your being true to your principles. That is different from compromise, wish also important. You are definately right to be your self. Some folks told me to take the “SEIU” off of my email—that being union would hurt me in a school election. But that is who I am, and I will always be union. Honesty is the best policy. Oh, and a little self-deprecating humor. Everyone is so afraid to laught these days! Good Luck, my friend.

    Sarah Swisher

  2. Also, spell check is a very good tool!

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